Update on my space

20170111_195306-2Happy New Year , I hope all is well with you and your family. The update on my craft room it is not finish by far, but I  got some new items and wanted to share, my husband surprise me for Christmas with a wonderful cutting table with a hutch, where i can put my accessories, LOVE IT I decide that the zipper pouches are going to be use for projects that i need to get done and the other side I will use for my scissors, the table is a perfect size for me due to the size of the room  I am really enjoying it.

The other gift which was to myself was a Scan&Cut Machine , now if you don’t  know about Scan@Cut and you are a creative person please check it out it is amazing, it can do all kind of things that can enhance your creativity. LOVE IT, If you got something crafty this Christmas or you made some crafts this Christmas or what you are working on i will love to here about it.

Thank you for Stopping by.


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