Two ways to make a hat

When I first started crocheting many years ago, the first thing I learn was to make a blanket single crochet back and forth many time until I got the length I wanted it, so one day I  thought to my self what if I crochet short number of single crochet and make it the length of my head and seem the back together to look like a tube,   I close the top like a draw string weaving the yarn back and forth in each loop and pulling the yarn , closing and tying it in a knot turning it right side and it’s a hat.

The second way to make a hat is in a circular motion, increasing  in roles as you go around, once you get to the last increase roll you just single or double crochet, to your desire length and you have a hat. I refer to a YouTube tutorial by happy berry crochet beanie, it is always good to learn how to make a hat there are so many charitable place and family members out there that would love a h20170212_201933-2and20170212_201541-2made hat. Thank you so much for stopping by.20170212_202058-2


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