Making a Quilt

In 2016 I decide to make my oldest son a quilt for Christmas, he is a big movie buff. I wanted it to look like a film strip so I went to pinterest and found a blank film strip and download it to my computer, then I download his favorite movie images as well, once I had all of them I place the movie image in the blank film strip one at a time adding and delete the movie image each time and printing it out. On my journey looking for fabric sheets at a reasonable price, I was in Joann’s and i over heard two lady’s talking about Freezer paper and how it sticks to fabric and you can reuse it, in that moment the light bub went off and my mind went crazy I have found or heard what I was looking for, now I know that people have been using this for a long time to quilt, I am so happy I over heard those lady’s talking it

change my life. Here are some pictures of my quilt I hope it will inspire you to try it .