Buy you some fabric (I went to joanns)I have two different colors of the same fabrics and for the back fabric I used red
Decide what size you want your hearts and squares to be I alternate the fabrics for the hearts, I have 10 ins squares and I found a heart that was smaller than 10ins at dollars tree trace it on my fabric and cut it out, you will need embroidery thread & needle
Select some batting to sandwich in between your fabrics I used flannel from my scraps
I put the batting or flannel under the two fabrics (the square & the heart) no back fabric yet, then I started doing the blanket stitch all around the hearts
After I done all six of my hearts blocks I sewed them together right sides facing.
I press open the seems so there will be know bulk in the back
Now it is time to sew on the back fabric I put right sides facing, pining your fabric together
Leaving a three ins opening at the top or bottom of project
sewing all around (make sure you don’t sew your three ins opening) leave that part open
Turning your project in side out ( through the three ins opening )
I finished it by stitching on top of it  all around the project closing up the three ins opening
If you don’t have a sewing machine this glue (liquid Stitch ) will work , I have made bags etc. with this glue and it have not fell me yet or if you have your favor fabric glue use it don’t let anything stand in the way of you making this table runner
Thank you for stopping by .


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