Lacy Mesh Shawl by Annie Hook & Needle Kit Club LETS TALK ABOUT IT

The pattern skill is easy, when I was reading the pattern Row 1, Oh my word I had to read  a couple of time, so I got all my supplies so I can be successful in my adventure with this pattern the second time I went real slow making  sure I was doing it right I work it up took it out work it up again and said to my self ok let’s continue and this is just Row 1, has i continue with the rest of the Row’s I kept going and it started to look like the picture and I got so happy and my confidence level went high yay. Now the yarn in the kit it does not have any brand it just say Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club on it, it do have what type of yarn , how many oz. , what wight it is fine, bulky etc. and washing instructions. In my 20 plus years this yarn is like Red Heart unforgettable if you are a beginner crochet I would not recommend this yarn because if you make a mistake and have to pull it out it will get tangled up due to how it was spun.One of the things that I love about creating is that you can make it your own,this shawl in the pattern states that is measure 65 in wide x 36 in long I made mind 55 in wide x 48 in long because I wanted to pull the shawl up on my neck to create a collar.

I am not sponsored by Annie,s I receive a monthly subscription,I work it up and TALK ABOUT IT the ups and down of following a pattern.

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