Crochet Hand Towels LETS TALK ABOUT IT

There are three beautiful colors turquoise , yellow and light gray, the yarn is 100% cotton 4 oz. which is 190 yards and the hook size 4mm. The pattern level was easy , I never made Crochet Hand Towels before I really enjoyed working up this  pattern is was easy to read especially at the top because you are working in the round and doing single crochet decrease , double crochet decrease , single and double crochet and counting all at the same time the key here is to take your time and if you were off when counting you can tell, the body of the towels was single and double crochet back and forth rows 3-35.     One of the things that I love was that the yarn glided through my hands this was so special to me because some cotton yarns you have to fight with, this was a  very high quality of cotton yarn, and because I was not fight the yarn I was able to see the project come to life. I was wondering if this happen to you guys when I see a pattern it looks so cute but when I work it up it looks so nice if this happens to you I  would love to here what you think. Now the single and double crochet together looks amazing has I was working it up I was thinking about a sweater in these stitches what do you guys think? would love to here your thoughts about it or maybe something else would look good in these stitch together.  Now the buttons OH MY WORD they make these towels for sure . Thank you for stopping by. The pattern is from Annie Hook &Needle club, I am not sponsored.




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