The Weekend Crochet Purse LET’S TALK ABOUT IT

This crochet purse measurements are 11 inches wide x 14 inches long, the stitches that are used are single crochet, double crochet and there are some single crochet decreasing. As I was making this purse I decided that I wanted mine wider, so I thought what a great opportunity to talk about using the foundation of the pattern, but changing it to make it your own. Now the measurements for my purse are 13 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches long, I made my purse wider and shorter then what the pattern called for, I used the pattern stitch pattern for the body of the purse throughout the whole purse because I really liked the way it looked, I made my flap square to match the width of the purse and I put a picot border around it . There is a cellphone cozy that goes with this pattern I chose not to make it because I have a cellphone holder already. Let’s talk about these stitches, single and double crochet together and working in the round is a wonderful combination. I wanted to check and see if I needed a lining for my purse and I saw that these stitches were close together, so my first test was to see if you can see the things in my purse. I put my things in there and held it up to the light and you could not see anything. So now I needed to know if anything small will fall out like a pen, eyeliner etc. and I am here to say it did not…YAY! I was still thinking about adding a liner inside the purse so it won’t stretch it out. Let me know your thoughts on this, I would love to hear what you think, and Thank you for stopping by.   The pattern is from Annie’s Hook & Needle kit club, YOU CAN FIND MORE OF CREATIONSPS91 ON FACEBOOK ,INSTAGRAM AND TWEETER . JOIN MY CROCHET GROUP ON FACEBOOK CALLED JUST CROCHET.


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