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Hat & Scarf Set

This Crochet hat is 22 inch round the Crochet scarf is 58 inch long and 7 inch wide, color is navy blue made with 100% Acrylic yarn. Washable & Dryable



Beanie & Scarf Set

This Crochet beanie is 22 inch round 9 inch long, my wavy neck tie scarf has a opening in the middle with a wavy pattern, the scarf is 55 1/2 inch long and the waves are 9 inch wide. The fibers are 100% Acrylic. Will ship in 3-5 business days



Red Beanie

This Crochet skull style beanie is made out of 100% Acrylic yarn , very soft , adult size , washable & dryable, ship within 3-5 business days.



Fall & Winter Love

When fall and winter starts to happen I get soooooo happy  inside because I know that Christmas is coming , my favorite holiday , I am a mother of three and a grandmother of two little boys and I love making them things through out the year especially during the fall and winter time. I love making Crochet blankets and Quilts for the house it is my favorite thing to make the bigger it is the more I love it. Right now I am working on a Crochet blanket (granny square) and a quilt from my Sew Sampler subscription box. I would love to here what you are working on and what’s your favorite season, Thank you for stopping by.20180907_15262420170825_062917_HDR-1


Scraps o how i love them, when i take them in my hands, yarn or fabric i love the way it makes me feel like my brain is exploding with beautiful creating powers, when i see colors coming together but not together and at the end of this beautiful organic process i have created something so wonderful to the naked eye. Thank you for stopping by i would love to hear how you take on your scraps.

Quilting Block

Christmas 2017 I made my son a quilt he loves Marvel/football so i decide to use a block that is called the Exploding block from Missouri star quilt company, where you take two 4′ square fabric and place them right side together and on the side you want the block to open up that’s the side you put your lines from corner to corner(top right to bottom right and left top to bottom left) then sew 1/4 stitch all around the square, once that’s finish take the side that have the line’s on it and cut through one square, then pressing the corners open it goes from a 4′ square to a 5′ square you can go as big a your heart desire, if you like to keep going just put a 5′ square on top and follow the same directions and it will become a 6′ block. Hope you give it a try i had fun doing this block, thank you for stopping by.