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Let talk about this cute baby sweater called Little Princess Baby Sweater, I worked up the pattern and have some great tips for you guys so you can be successful in working your pattern, but first make sure you read your pattern all the way through so you can have a better understanding of what is coming so you can get the supplies you need. 

🧶Keep track of your count using some kind of stitch marker

🧶Row 1 Sweater Bottom Band

It state to work in the back loop, I was thinking if I was a beginner this would confuse me, because if I was not familiar with the stitches I would not know what this is we know this has a foundation chain so I will use it has that. The pattern is all so telling us to work loosely I will say work very loosely because you are working with a 4.5mm hook and depending on you tension it can be tight.

🧶Row 2 Yoke

Ok guys this one took me for a loop as you attaching your sleeves you are working to the end of your work and then turn starting row 2 and where it tells you to put an Ext single crochet in each stitch across Don’t Forget To Go Up Your Sleeve Not Straight Across 😀

                 🧶When I See These Symbols🧶

🧶Cam-a (,)

When I see a cam-a I stop and pause and get a understanding of what the pattern telling me.


The pattern is telling you this is where it wants you to start and stop this many times.

🧶Parentheses & Brackets ( ) [ ]

They isolate stitches [sc dec in next 2 sts] and let you know how many times to do them.

 Body and sleeves

body and yokeBody and Yoke

Sleeves added


 Starting around the sleeves 

Going around the sleeves 

These are my own views about this pattern I am not sponsored by Annies I do receive a monthly subscription .

Thank you for stopping by I hope this has help please leave me a comment letting me know .





  • I am struggling so bad with Yoke row 1, I have studied this section, could you help me? Thank you
    Dea snyder

    Dea Snyder on

  • I enjoyed your video about Annie’s Hook and Needle Club Little Princess Baby Sweater. I received this kit, but I’m at a complete loss as to how the sleeves are added. Could you please help me? Thank you.

    Ruth Orr on

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