2023 Sewing block of the Month Block 12

Posted by Antoinette Gipson on

Block 12, our last block together my hope for this block of the month was to have fun, learning something new, & getting inspired I know there was no PDF's because this is not my pattern has I stated in the beginning and I wanted it to be FREE, I receive these quilt blocks monthly these are 2021 cards, when I wanted to do a block of the month I was looking for something easy that a beginner can learn from but also easy where an medium to advanced sewer  would like it ,so these blocks don't have a lot of instructions and the blocks are pretty,😄 if you stayed to the end THANK YOU I HOPE YOU HAD FUN🧡 , for this block pressing your seam open is a big deal to reduce the bulk in this block. Here are the cutting instructions & diagram for the block.

Fabric   Quantity   Size

A          4               2 1/2" squares

B          4               2 x 3 1/2" rectangles

C          4               2" squares

D          4               2 1/2" squares

E          4                2" x 3 1/2" rectangles

F          8                2" squares

G          1               3 1/2" square

H          4               2" squares