Pillow Cover Book Holder

Posted by Antoinette Gipson on

Hi, welcome to my blog today I want to talk about the pillow cover book holder,

when making it I used some of my fabric scarps, I had so much fun picking and 

choose them for this project. I am a reader I like mystery books, who done it 

books my favorite authors are Agatha Christie & Ted Dekker, right now I am loving 

the Annies book club I am reading the Lady in the Attic series each month I 

receive a new book the first book is Lady in the Attic and OH MY WORD I love 

these books she is solving some of mystery that's in the attic of a old house that 

her grandmother left for her, IT IS SO EXCITING, so this was perfect for me I do a 

lot of my reading at night next to my bed so now when I read I am ready to read  I 

just reach for my pillow cover book holder that is setting on my bed with the rest 

of my pillows. 

Click the link for tutorial