Update on my space

20170111_195306-2Happy New Year , I hope all is well with you and your family. The update on my craft room it is not finish by far, but I  got some new items and wanted to share, my husband surprise me for Christmas with a wonderful cutting table with a hutch, where i can put my accessories, LOVE IT I decide that the zipper pouches are going to be use for projects that i need to get done and the other side I will use for my scissors, the table is a perfect size for me due to the size of the room  I am really enjoying it.

The other gift which was to myself was a Scan&Cut Machine , now if you don’t  know about Scan@Cut and you are a creative person please check it out it is amazing, it can do all kind of things that can enhance your creativity. LOVE IT, If you got something crafty this Christmas or you made some crafts this Christmas or what you are working on i will love to here about it.

Thank you for Stopping by.



Hello guys i know i have not been writing in a while i just wanted to touch bases, i am so exciting about the things that is  coming , i think the last time i was writing it was about my craft room, i am not finish yet but i am almost there , looking forward to sharing.

Ceiling Tile

20160408_114047As I was repainting, buying new furniture for my den I wanted something different when it came to the ceiling , so I decide to put tile on it, as I did my research I went to pinterest to look at some and oh my word my world of tile on the ceiling  opened up, there are so many colors and designs that I had so much fun choosing the one for me. The one that I choose was 20160408_124913a 220160408_2137480x20 Tile the name is Faux Tin  Antique Silver and it looks amazing the installing was very easy the only thing I should have done was measure my ceiling,  I had to order more tile and adhesive lol, I am that person that eye balls everything sometime it good and some time its not, if you are looking  for something new this is it, with tile and adhesive I spend 260.00 dollars each tile was 4.80  and depending on you ceiling it could be more or less.

A trip to Ikea

Today  I went to Ikea looking for something for my daughter, and as also I saw something else, my husband saw it first and it was love at first site, I was so excited to get it I forgot what I came for I was so happy,20160309_161545_hdr[1].jpg this was at the beginning of the Ikea maze experience because everybody knows you can’t get out of the maze until the end, when I got there to the end I remember what I cscreenshot_2016-03-28-13-52-49[1].pngame for (which was a frame) I left a happy camper.

My Space

When your kids have moved out and you finally get to have your craft room, all of these thoughts go through your mind, what color?  How would I?and so much more, excitement takes over and you have to calm down, sit and enjoy knowing that this  is my space, I am looking forward to this journey of making it my own.

My Space