The Weekend Crochet Purse LET’S TALK ABOUT IT

This crochet purse measurements are 11 inches wide x 14 inches long, the stitches that are used are single crochet, double crochet and there are some single crochet decreasing. As I was making this purse I decided that I wanted mine wider, so I thought what a great opportunity to talk about using the foundation of the pattern, but changing it to make it your own. Now the measurements for my purse are 13 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches long, I made my purse wider and shorter then what the pattern called for, I used the pattern stitch pattern for the body of the purse throughout the whole purse because I really liked the way it looked, I made my flap square to match the width of the purse and I put a picot border around it . There is a cellphone cozy that goes with this pattern I chose not to make it because I have a cellphone holder already. Let’s talk about these stitches, single and double crochet together and working in the round is a wonderful combination. I wanted to check and see if I needed a lining for my purse and I saw that these stitches were close together, so my first test was to see if you can see the things in my purse. I put my things in there and held it up to the light and you could not see anything. So now I needed to know if anything small will fall out like a pen, eyeliner etc. and I am here to say it did not…YAY! I was still thinking about adding a liner inside the purse so it won’t stretch it out. Let me know your thoughts on this, I would love to hear what you think, and Thank you for stopping by.   The pattern is from Annie’s Hook & Needle kit club, YOU CAN FIND MORE OF CREATIONSPS91 ON FACEBOOK ,INSTAGRAM AND TWEETER . JOIN MY CROCHET GROUP ON FACEBOOK CALLED JUST CROCHET.



The pattern level was easy, the yarn is a mix of acrylic and nylon, two balls of yarn 264 yards, each ball 5.5 oz , hook size 10 mm, stitches use treble crochet and single crochet. Now the pattern, going in to this I new that I did not have a 10 mm hook but I had a 9 mm hook and I thought, this would be great to talk about because the measurements would be different and to show that you can change a pattern just by changing the hook size. The pattern finish measurements are 12 inches wide x 65 inches long , my finish measurements are 10 inches wide x 55 inches long. I enjoyed working with this yarn it is not a go to yarn for me, and doing the treble crochet which I have not done is a while was very nice to do. The borders on this wrap was a chain three skip one chain and slip stitch in the next chain, it brought a finish touch to the wrap, the colors in this wrap are beautiful, if I was going to make this again I would use Lion Brand Homespun it is a bulky as well.                    The pattern is from Annie’s Hook & Needle kit club, I am not sponsored just love crochet and want to share.

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Any color would be nice .

Crochet Hand Towels LETS TALK ABOUT IT

There are three beautiful colors turquoise , yellow and light gray, the yarn is 100% cotton 4 oz. which is 190 yards and the hook size 4mm. The pattern level was easy , I never made Crochet Hand Towels before I really enjoyed working up this  pattern is was easy to read especially at the top because you are working in the round and doing single crochet decrease , double crochet decrease , single and double crochet and counting all at the same time the key here is to take your time and if you were off when counting you can tell, the body of the towels was single and double crochet back and forth rows 3-35.     One of the things that I love was that the yarn glided through my hands this was so special to me because some cotton yarns you have to fight with, this was a  very high quality of cotton yarn, and because I was not fight the yarn I was able to see the project come to life. I was wondering if this happen to you guys when I see a pattern it looks so cute but when I work it up it looks so nice if this happens to you I  would love to here what you think. Now the single and double crochet together looks amazing has I was working it up I was thinking about a sweater in these stitches what do you guys think? would love to here your thoughts about it or maybe something else would look good in these stitch together.  Now the buttons OH MY WORD they make these towels for sure . Thank you for stopping by. The pattern is from Annie Hook &Needle club, I am not sponsored.




Lacy Mesh Shawl by Annie Hook & Needle Kit Club LETS TALK ABOUT IT

The pattern skill is easy, when I was reading the pattern Row 1, Oh my word I had to read  a couple of time, so I got all my supplies so I can be successful in my adventure with this pattern the second time I went real slow making  sure I was doing it right I work it up took it out work it up again and said to my self ok let’s continue and this is just Row 1, has i continue with the rest of the Row’s I kept going and it started to look like the picture and I got so happy and my confidence level went high yay. Now the yarn in the kit it does not have any brand it just say Annie’s Hook & Needle Kit Club on it, it do have what type of yarn , how many oz. , what wight it is fine, bulky etc. and washing instructions. In my 20 plus years this yarn is like Red Heart unforgettable if you are a beginner crochet I would not recommend this yarn because if you make a mistake and have to pull it out it will get tangled up due to how it was spun.One of the things that I love about creating is that you can make it your own,this shawl in the pattern states that is measure 65 in wide x 36 in long I made mind 55 in wide x 48 in long because I wanted to pull the shawl up on my neck to create a collar.

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COZY SLIPPER SOCKS from Annie’s Hook & Needle kit club

Hay guys I have been doing a lot of crochet patterns from Annie’s Hook & Needle kit club and it has been so much fun. I am working on the Cozy Slipper Socks . Annie’s Hook & Needle kit club is a monthly subscription I receive , so far the pattern has been skill level easy which I love because I am also using this wonderful subscription to talk about the ups & downs of following  a pattern on my Youtube channel Creationsps91. I love the way everything turn out from reading the pattern( Remember always highlight the important things to you in a pattern), to  understanding it for beginnings , if you would like to try this pattern there is a free download for you and when you do it lets talk about it. Leave a comment

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HNK097 Pattern Instructions




Buy you some fabric (I went to joanns)I have two different colors of the same fabrics and for the back fabric I used red
Decide what size you want your hearts and squares to be I alternate the fabrics for the hearts, I have 10 ins squares and I found a heart that was smaller than 10ins at dollars tree trace it on my fabric and cut it out, you will need embroidery thread & needle
Select some batting to sandwich in between your fabrics I used flannel from my scraps
I put the batting or flannel under the two fabrics (the square & the heart) no back fabric yet, then I started doing the blanket stitch all around the hearts
After I done all six of my hearts blocks I sewed them together right sides facing.
I press open the seems so there will be know bulk in the back
Now it is time to sew on the back fabric I put right sides facing, pining your fabric together
Leaving a three ins opening at the top or bottom of project
sewing all around (make sure you don’t sew your three ins opening) leave that part open
Turning your project in side out ( through the three ins opening )
I finished it by stitching on top of it  all around the project closing up the three ins opening
If you don’t have a sewing machine this glue (liquid Stitch ) will work , I have made bags etc. with this glue and it have not fell me yet or if you have your favor fabric glue use it don’t let anything stand in the way of you making this table runner
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Hello everyone I wanted to share some of my diy Valentine projects with you, last month as I was looking through YouTube I came across this beautiful young lady name Katelyn her YouTube channel is KraftsbyKatelyn her channel is all about country inspired things. What I love about it is that it was not hard at all, very easy and on a budget. So let get right in to it and thank you for stopping by.


If you want to know how I made these they are here on my blog